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    Before providing my assessment of Mr. Ferrell, I would like to establish my credentials for making that assessment. I have been a commercial real estate developer for nearly 40 years. I founded my own company, Langly Properties, Inc in 1984 and am still CEO of Langly. During my career I have hired scores of General Contractors and observed a like number of project managers/site superintendents. I have learned that the ultimate success of a project is more dependent on the quality of the project manager than any other single item.

    Sun Forest Construction recently completed the construction of our 4800 sf, luxury home in the Pronghorn Development in Bend, Oregon. Jeff was the project manager for all phases of construction and my wife Gretchen and I are extremely satisfied with his work. Gretchen was a very successful, high end residential salesperson in the Seattle area for many years and is also an astute judge of all aspects of residential construction.

    Jeff possesses all of the qualities that make an outstanding project manager. First and foremost, his integrity is unassailable; we learned to trust him unequivocally. His construction knowledge and skills are also superb. Our home was complex and of very high quality. The owner of one of the largest subcontracting companies on the job commented that Jeff was “one of only a couple project managers in Central Oregon who could have built the home”.

    When managing the construction of a custom home, attention to detail is critical. Jeff was relentless in assuring that every detail was perfect and well coordinated. Finally, all of the above would have been diluted had the project manager not been able to communicate properly with us. Jeff proved to be both an enjoyable and superb communicator.

    The proverbial bottom line is that Jeff did a terrific job on our home and we would not hesitate to utilize his services again.

    - Russ Keithly and Gretchen Keithly



    Jeff Ferrell recently completed building our custom home in Bend, Oregon. Our first concern was how smoothly this would go, as we were residing out of state and would remain so during construction. He eased our concerns by personally taking us to homes to view his work. We were also given the opportunity to talk to the homeowners. After hearing glowing reports we hired Jeff.

    Jeff worked as a team member with our architect, who was also out of state, and myself, the interior designer. Our home was a custom design that involved many new materials and an elevated level of expertise to execute. Jeff was personally on the job doing much of the building or supervising the excellent subcontractors he brought on board.

    We give Jeff tremendous credit for troubleshooting and suggesting alternative ideas to save money or solve a construction issue. He was very knowledgeable about the particulars of central Oregon, such as weather issues that effect materials, etc. During the job, Jeff would send us pictures of the progress and call if there was ever a question. We never doubted our project was in good hands. He also kept a tight management of money and records of expenses, so we always knew where we were in relation to our budget, which was very important to us.

    Since our time of move-in, Jeff has been extremely responsive to any punch list items (that always come up), though there have been precious few. We would strongly recommend using Jeff on your project and would use him again if the situation comes up. I doubt it though, as we don’t plan on moving and love our new home!

    - David Leshner & Holly Van Biene

    - Van Biene Interiors, LLC



    It is with great pleasure that I provide this recommendation for Jeff Ferrell as a highly qualified Superintendent for high end custom homes.

    I had the pleasure of working with Jeff and Sun Forest Homes this past year and a half on a 5,000 square foot home located at the Estates at Pronghorn community near Bend, OR. This home  was a highly detailed timber framed home for a very discriminating client that I have known for over 25 years.

    Jeff’s attention to detail, building integrity, communication and commitment to first class craftsmanship, contributed greatly to creation of a project with which the owners and I are thrilled.

    - Brian Brand,Principal - Baylis Architects, Bellevue, WA



    I’m pleased to provide this recommendation for Jeff Ferrell as a highly qualified builder for high end custom homes.

    Over the past 1+ year I had the pleasure of working with Jeff on a new 3,300 SF custom home located at the Three Pines community in Bend Oregon. This home was a fairly detailed Northwest Contemporary home for a discriminating client, who is an interior designer, and her husband. Our office is located in Bellevue Washington so were not able to be on site regularly. The owners lived in the Seattle area and were rarely on site as well.

    Any concerns there were about a long distance construction project quickly faded as we worked closely with Jeff. We found that Jeff kept us informed about issues that arose during the construction process and communicated ideas to make it a better project. His attention to detail, desire to build a quality project, and ability to communicate contributed greatly to the creation of a very successful project with which the owners and I are very pleased.

    Jeff did not hesitate to request information when needed, to keep the project on schedule and on budget. It is with pleasure that I recommend Jeff and would enjoy working with him again if the opportunity arose. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss Jeff’s qualifications further.

    - Johan Luchsinger, AIA, Senior Associate, BAYLIS ARCHITECTS INC



     As an interior designer, I have the opportunity to work with many great and talented builders.  Few are as talented and detail oriented as Jeff Ferrell.  My first project with Jeff was a very high-end custom home.  His attention to detail on every aspect of the build was outstanding.   Since then we have worked on multiple projects and Jeff is one of my favorite people to collaborate with.  He is very focused on his clients needs and desires and has the end result foremost in his mind.

     Jeff is a “hands on” builder and has a lot of experience in every phase of construction.  From high end to commercial construction, his knowledge is invaluable.  I would recommend Jeff Ferrell as a builder to anyone.

    -Jeannie Legum

      -Interior Design, Legum Design



    The purpose of this memorandum is to recommend Jeff for future employment in the construction industry. I first met Jeff in the summer of 2006 when he was in charge of building out the Premier Villas at The Pronghorn Club in Bend, Oregon. I purchased one of the Villas, and between spring of 2007 and June of 2008 when our villa was completed I had occasion to interact and meet frequently with Jeff.

    In dealing with construction issues and change orders we always felt that Jeff was very fair, that he represented his employer’s interests while at the same time taking into consideration the client’s needs, desires, and economic interests. He always found a solution no matter how difficult the problem.

    Since I have been in the real estate investment and development business for 30 years, I have some considerable experience with construction. I can honestly say that Jeff is among the finest construction project managers that I have known. He is knowledgeable, experienced, even tempered, intelligent, and besides all that has great people skills.

    I can wholeheartedly recommend Jeff for any construction related position without reservation. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the above-referenced numbers if you have questions or would just like to chat.

    - Carlyle MacHarg III, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92070



    I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Mr. Jeff Ferrell, most recently of Sun Forest Construction.

    In Winter/Spring of 2007, my husband and I purchased a Villa at Pronghorn Golf Club outside of Bend, Oregon. The Villa units are high-end shared-wall homes overlooking one of the two golf courses at Pronghorn. The 4,300 sq ft unit was not yet underway when we chose our lot location, so our experiences with the builder/gc and Pronghorn-based design services spanned project inception through completion.

    We met Jeff during the initial selection of finish materials and worked with him exclusively through the completion of the project in November of 2007. From the very beginning of the project, when, of course we wanted to do several things not labeled as Options A, B, or C – Jeff was very helpful, thoroughly researching our ability to accomplish our goals, never saying no off the bat, and always riding that fine line of trying to please the homeowner while clearly watching the bottom line for both us and his company.

    His follow-up to any questions/concerns was timely and thorough. Living in California, we appreciated Jeff’s attention to details. He gave us the confidence to keep our trips to the site minimal.

    Jeff was fantastic to work with throughout the process. He possesses a balance of excellent client rapport and service, professionalism, project knowledge, timely communication and great attention to detail. It was a great pleasure to get to know him both personally and professionally during the process. Jeff will be an asset to any organization he is associated.

    - Kathleen Grieve



    Jeff Ferrell was hired as a Project Manager for Sun Forest Construction on June 19, 2006, and was terminated on March 6, 2009, due to a reduction in work.

    During his tenure with Sun Forest, Jeff took on construction jobs with increasingly more responsibility and complexity. Jeff independently ran the Pronghorn Villas project, which was a $12,000,000 project, constructing twelve Tuscan-style high end villas for the developer. His most recent project was a $2,000,000 private residence in Pronghorn with many unique features, such as extensive timbered framing, intricate interior paneling and wood treatments, and specialty paint finishes. On this particular home, Jeff did an outstanding job working through design ideas with the architect and owners. He is also great at tracking jobs to make sure costs stay in line, and schedules are followed.

    Jeff’s construction knowledge is excellent. He is an enthusiastic and active learner, and he took several classes offered by the company to develop his skills. Jeff’s participation and comments were a valuable addition to each class. Jeff also attended regular construction manager meetings, where he often shared his expertise on construction methods with the team.

    Jeff’s attendance record while working for Sun Forest was perfect, a fact that he took great pride in, which speaks highly of his strong work ethic. He also is very committed to safety, and served on the company’s safety committee. His job sites were free of accidents.

    It was a difficult decision to make to lay-off Jeff, because we considered him an important and valued member of our team. Unfortunately, due to economic reasons, we did not have enough work to support his position, and he had the lowest seniority on our Project Management team. We wish Jeff the best of luck in his future endeavors, and gladly give him a high recommendation for attitude, performance, and construction knowledge.

    - Joyce Luckman, Director of Human Resources, Sun Forest Construction



    My wife and I have known Mr. Jeff Ferrell for more than three years as the project manager for Sun Forest Construction’s “Pronghorn Villas.” Pronghorn is an exclusive Golf Course Resort Community only a few miles from Bend, Oregon.

    Mr. Ferrell was involved in the process from the time we broke ground on our villa, until we completely purchased it and beyond. By that I mean he was also involved in any warranty issues we had after we had a chance to live in our villa.

    Let me mention here that we were living in Southern California during most of the time they were building our villa and although we made several trips to Bend to see the progress; we were of course not there every day. Mr. Ferrell was always there to answer any questions we had and always willing to offer an alternate solution to any possible problem. As with any project we wanted to make certain changes to the original plans of our villa and he was always available to hear our ideas and implement them in the best possible way and always considerate of their costs. He really became our “Ambassador” in the sense of representing our best interest in this project. It goes without saying that our villa was not the only one being constructed at that time, so he was managing others as well. We found him to be invaluable at all times throughout this process and are very thankful he was there as the project manager.

    It is our opinion that Mr. Ferrell is very knowledgeable in the entire building process and would make an excellent contribution to any project he was involved with. We also found him to be trustworthy, dependable and a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. His excellent workmanship was greatly appreciated by both of us.

    - Bill and Diane Wineland



    Jeff Ferrell
  • Mr. Ferrell is very knowledgeable in the entire building process and would make an excellent contribution to any project he was involved with. We also found him to be trustworthy, dependable and a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. His excellent workmanship was greatly appreciated by both of us. Bill and Diane Wineland