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    My construction career started in 1989 when I went to help my parents with a log home dealership they started in Washington. My dad hired an old school carpenter to build the packages they sold and I was going to help and learn. That old timer taught me a lot about foundations and framing— albeit by him yelling and cursing the whole time — it was just his way. We eventually hired our own crew and I worked and learned with them while taking on project management duties as well.

    In 1993, I got a General Contractor license and went out on my own. I still built log home packages for my parents as a subcontractor, but was able to pursue my own projects. In addition to being a general contractor, I would subcontract out to do foundations, framing, and interior/exterior finish carpentry work. One of my more interesting adventures was when my parents sold a log home package to a developer in Seoul and I spent 21 days in the countryside building a log home alongside a South Korean crew.

    I finally got tired of working and living in rainy Washington, so we moved to Bend, Oregon in April 2005. I got licensed in Oregon and my first project was building our current house. I had obtained a permit before moving, so fortunately I was able to start construction right away. Since I didn’t know anyone in town yet, I did the foundation and framing by myself. I quickly made connections and was able to find some good subcontractors, and we moved in January 2006. When my house was in mid-completion, I also started a spec house in Sisters, Oregon. I completed that house after the housing market peaked and prices were starting to fall. I made out ok, but the writing was on the wall and I wasn’t going to go down that road again. Looking back, I’m just not a spec home guy— it takes a different mentality to be really successful in that market.

    I applied and was hired as a project manager for Sun Forest Construction and worked there from June of 2006 – March 2009. I managed the Pronghorn Villas project, which ended up being a two-year, twelve million dollar project. I built a fabulous custom timber frame home as well, which ended up on the cover of Timber Home Living. I really valued my time there, as I was able to work and gain experience on some great projects.

    I started Jeff Ferrell Construction, LLC in April of 2009 and have been busy helping people with their dreams ever since, whether it be a custom home, addition, or remodel. I would like an opportunity to make your dreams come true as well.


    Jeff Ferrell
  • Mr. Ferrell is very knowledgeable in the entire building process and would make an excellent contribution to any project he was involved with. We also found him to be trustworthy, dependable and a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. His excellent workmanship was greatly appreciated by both of us. Bill and Diane Wineland